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We, the Jesuit Community at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, shaped by the Gospel, the Ignatius Exercises, and our encounters with the people of God, and mission-ed here by the Society of Jesus, embrace our responsibility to Sacred Heart Church as living representatives of the society of the Jesuits.

We pursue wisdom. In collaboration with our Parish associates who are engaged in teaching, ministry, scholarship, administration, and support services, we challenge our members to recognize and develop their God-given talents and to accept their responsibility to do justice as they live out their callings. We vigorously pursue truth and serve the Catholic Church and the wider world through services and the availability of our Parish personal and resources.

We promote faith. Ordained for ministry in the Catholic Church, we serve the local community in sacramental, pastoral, and prophetic ways. We nurture the search for faith among all members of the community and engage in dialogue with our colleagues concerning issues of faith and justice.

We seek God in all things. We are a praying community that embraces both our Parish and the wider world. We use the tools of critical reflection to examine our institutional integrity, which is most authentic when it is grounded in Gospel values and the norms of social justice. We challenge the community to live out its commitment to authentic personal freedom and respect for human dignity.

We are enriched by the gifts and dedication of the members of this community. Ever renewed by the vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola that is at the heart of the identity of the Sacred Heart Catholic as a Jesuit institution, we dedicate our lives to expressing that tradition “for the greater glory of God.”