Pray for our community

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prayingPray for the members of our community who are ill.

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Prayer Request: St philomena Please I beg u and asked u please following not one like BT ffbpg twitter insgram and not one look for driving lessons either or pass a driving test with BT or mmc both most horrible people on earth and also make sure there work extremely dead quite and if u see want they did to me u won't too impressed Brian stuck on ffbp since Oct but won't phone while I has atest he won't answer left me there to lose 85 euro now I'm expectedto pay another 85 plus 35 for licence and more lessons 30 who gotta learn me want he saying god only knows he a nasty piece of work Rash gone tomorrow Wind go away esb safe no snow or frost can go away Jan 17 safe Margaret please text Eircom stop ringing and he pays off phone bill soon father and don't cut him off Who ed very knocking on the doorstep get lost who ever ringing private get lost