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prayingPray for the members of our community who are ill.

When you pray for one of the requests below, be sure to click on the I prayed for you button so that we can let the requestor know how many times their request has been lifted up.
Request Title# PrayersDate 
RESTORATION002-21-2018View Details
Parkland, Florida shooting002-16-2018View Details
Some porch thefts in the area001-24-2018View Details
financial011-21-2017View Details
prosperity & health010-31-2017View Details
I am praying God restore my hair010-14-2017View Details
Prayer Request010-12-2017View Details
for the faithful, and to your priest and deacon010-10-2017View Details
Loneliness010-02-2017View Details
conversion009-08-2017View Details
William009-08-2017View Details
for the Faithful009-07-2017View Details
Healing Miracle007-07-2017View Details
Prayer Request101-27-2017View Details
hear001-11-2017View Details
disgrace brian001-04-2017View Details
Prayer Request011-30-2016View Details
Kim Smith009-28-2016View Details
Ron Smith009-28-2016View Details
Elvia Pinilla009-28-2016View Details
Carol Pfeifer009-28-2016View Details
For the repose of the soul of Gussy B.009-13-2016View Details
repose of soul009-10-2016View Details
Kelsy Smith007-03-2016View Details
Michael Johnston007-03-2016View Details
Rosalinda Macias007-03-2016View Details
Martina Hurtado007-03-2016View Details
Gerard Nolan007-03-2016View Details
Mary Grace Greer002-06-2016View Details
Michael Clay Meyer002-06-2016View Details
Faith Johnson002-06-2016View Details
Julian Garcia002-06-2016View Details
Evelyn Gonzalez010-05-2015View Details
Gladys Davis010-05-2015View Details
Michael Thompson006-04-2015View Details
Elvia Pinilla203-18-2015View Details
Marie Aissi112-19-2014View Details
Father Kieran Nielson111-30-2014View Details
William Haller508-31-2014View Details
Sandra Antoine408-24-2014View Details
Velvet Johnston408-24-2014View Details
Nancy Rowe408-24-2014View Details
Kiki Larkin408-24-2014View Details
Philip Loving408-24-2014View Details
Murdis James408-24-2014View Details
Jessie Kaczanowski408-24-2014View Details