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In my twenty plus years as a parishioner at Sacred Heart, I’ve been privileged to experience the movement of the Holy Spirit in the growth of God’s Church, always changing, always challenging. With patience I’ve marked time as the doors of the Church have opened wide to welcome people of varied cultures. Communion, unity in diversity, this is what attracts me to Sacred Heart…the attempt…perfection is to be aimed at! “Unity in diversity” has become somewhat of a catchphrase. At Sacred Heart I believe there is a true desire by the community to put these words into action. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done when there is unity in diversity…a true communion and liberation! The people of Sacred Heart are beautiful, the challenge is real; God bless us all as we each grow in a faith that inspires us to live well in His love!

My husband and I have raised our family of five children in the light of this church, knowing that God’s love has manifested itself through the many examples of kindness and friendship that have been bestowed upon us by so many unique individuals. As a parish council member, all I can hope is to share what I’ve received through my patience and love of our Lord at Sacred Heart.

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