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Meet the members of our Pastoral Council

Photo of Eduardo Aguirre
Eduardo Aguirre

Eduardo Aguirre; El Durazno, Municipio Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato, México

Lo que más gusta de la Parroquia es la hospitalidad de los individuos, lo que me hace sentir como si fuéramos de la familia . El Pastor nos apoya en las necesidades que nosotros, los feligreses , tenemos. Puedo contribuir y ayudar a mis compañeros del Consejo Parroquial de todas las necesidades , y lo que se requiere en nuestra Parroquia . Eduardo sirve nuestra parroquia como Ministro de la Eucaristía y ayudó a su hijo José Aguirre construyó el jardín detrás de Liguori Casa .

What I most enjoy about the Parish is the hospitality of the individuals, which makes me feel as if we were family. The Pastor supports us in the needs that we, the parishioners, have. I can contribute and help my companions of the Parish Council in all the needs, and what is required in our Parish.

Eduardo serves our Parish as Eucharistic Minister and helped his son José Aguirre built the garden behind Liguori House.

Photo of Father Shay Auerbach
Father Shay Auerbach
Pastor Sacred Heart Catholic ChurchLeadership and Pastoral

Padre Auerbach ha sido pastor de la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón desde 2008. También es presidente de la junta directiva del Centro Sagrado Corazón, una organización sin fines de lucro cuya misión es “crear un centro para la comunidad de Richmond hispano / latino que abre oportunidades para el desarrollo económico y la integración social, la realización personal y desarrollo de liderazgo de la comunidad. ” ha sido miembro de la Comisión de Pobreza contra del Alcalde. Padre Auerbach es miembro de la Compañía de Jesús , ( los jesuitas ) una orden religiosa católica romana conocida para la educación, los esfuerzos misioneros , y la participación en el trabajo de la justicia social. Antes de su llegada a Richmond en 2007 trabajó en Raleigh, Carolina del Norte y México . Nacido y criado en Honolulu , Hawaii , P. Auerbach tiene maestrías en la lingüística , la filosofía y la teología.

Fr. Auerbach has been pastor of Sacred Heart Church since 2008.  He is also president of the board of directors of Sacred Heart Center, a non profit organization whose mission is “to create a hub for the Richmond hispanic/latino community which opens opportunities for economic and social integration, self fulfillment, and community leadership development.”  He has served on the Mayor’s Anti Poverty Commission.  Fr. Auerbach is a member of the Society of Jesus, (the Jesuits) a Roman Catholic religious order known for education, missionary endeavors, and engagement in social justice work.  Prior to his arrival in Richmond in 2007 he worked in Raleigh, North Carolina and Mexico.  Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Fr. Auerbach holds masters degrees in linguistics, philosophy, and theology.

Photo of Enrique Burgos
Enrique Burgos

Enrique sirve a nuestra comunidad como lector y catequista.
Enrique Burgos; Puerto Rico, USA

Mi nombre es Enrique y yo he sido un feligrés Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón desde 2006. Me uní a la Junta Parroquial hace tres años. Todos estamos llamados a servir, y ser parte de la Junta Parroquial me ha permitido contribuir con nuestra visión Iglesia y la misión. Tanto, hispana y anglosajona, las comunidades de la Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón han expresado su deseo de una mayor integración y comunicación entre las dos comunidades. Como puertorriqueño, tengo un profundo amor de mi herencia hispana, pero al mismo tiempo, entender y apreciar la cultura anglosajona. Este regalo me será de gran ayuda ya que estoy comprometido a trabajar para asegurar una integración amorosa de nuestras comunidades. Tenemos la oportunidad de dar el ejemplo. Como miembro del consejo parroquial me comprometo a cualquier iniciativa de nuestro pastor dirigido a promover la misión y la visión expresada por nuestra comunidad en el Plan Maestro. He estado sirviendo a esta comunidad desde el año 2006, y será un placer para continuar sirviendo a través de este ministerio.

My name is Enrique and I have been a Sacred Heart Church parishioner since 2006. I joined the Parish Council three years ago. We all are called to serve, and being part of the Parish Council has allowed me to contribute with our Church vision and mission.

Both, Hispanic and Anglo, communities of Sacred Heart Parish have expressed desire for greater integration and communication between the two communities. As a Puerto Rican, I have a deep love of my Hispanic heritage, but at the same time, understand and appreciate the Anglo culture. This gift will assist me greatly as I am committed to working toward assuring a loving integration of our communities. We have the opportunity to set an example. As parish council member I will be committed to any initiative of our pastor directed at promoting the mission and vision expressed by our community in the Master Plan. I have been serving this community since year 2006, and it will be a pleasure to continue serving you through this ministry.

Enrique serves our Parish as a lector and catechist.

Photo of Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards

A lifelong Catholic, I who was born and raised in Richmond and Baptized at St. Bridget’s church, where I also attended school. I found a Spiritual home at Sacred Heart church 7 years ago. Over these years I have met many wonderful people through the church as well as Sacred Heart center and have developed a strong love for this community.

We are very fortunate to have such a diverse and vibrant parish in the heart of a historic Richmond neighborhood. Additionally, being the only Jesuit served Parish in the area, affords us recognition and opportunities to serve a broader community of Catholics who seek the outreach the Jesuit’s provide.

With these opportunities come responsibilities and demands on our parish to sustain and grow the ministries of the church. As we are all called to serve, I would be honored to represent you on our Parish Council. My 35 years of business experience and daily involvement with Sacred Heart Church, has enriched my understanding and knowledge of our Parish mission to a level where I can add value and insight to our Parish council. My desire to serve this parish is a small token of appreciation for the many blessings I continually receive from this community.

Photo of Nery Gonzalez
Nery Gonzalez

Nery Alfredo González; Salama Baja Verapaz, Guatemala
I have belonged to Sacred Heart Church, which has felt like my second home, for the past seven years. This parish has changed my life; Sacred Heart Church has made me a better human being and a better Christian. During these seven years I have learned many things and one of them is that in giving, we also receive! This is why I agreed to be part of the Pastoral Council elections.
Another reason I agreed to run for Parish Council is that this parish has grown rapidly in recent years and we need to join together in strength and knowledge so as to increase daily our relationships as brothers and sisters in Christ. As a Guatemalan, I have many traditions and customs that I yearn to share with my Sacred Heart community.
Blessings to all in Christ, Jesus and Mary…

Photo of Juliana Moreno
Juliana Moreno

My name is Juliana Moreno and I am from Morelos, Mexico. I am married and have three children: Aaron, Emiliano, and Sofia. Sacred Heart has been home to my family and myself since 1995. I help in the choir, am a lector, and am involved with baptism preparation classes. I am very happy to be considered as a candidate to participate on the parish council. God’s purpose for me is to let the love of Jesus shine through, and make an impact on others along with discovering his purpose of happiness. I will try my best to represent my Hispanic community with gratitude, humility, hope, enthusiasm, and faith to achieve positive possibilities.

Photo of Martha Murillo
Martha Murillo

Martha Murillo; San Hipólito, Municipio de Degollado, Jalisco, México
What I like most about my Parish are all of the activities and ministries, the different times that Mass is available and the flexibility that there is to prepare oneself to receive the sacraments, and for any need that presents itself. Above all, the Pastor, who is always supportive at the appropriate times, and also the support that is demonstrated to the parishioners. I can contribute to my Parish being a committed lay person, supporting its needs without minding what they are, as long
as they are within my possibilities.

Martha serves our Parish as the coordinator for the “Huellas” prayer and evangelization group
and sings in the choir.

Photo of Nicholas Nies
Nicholas Nies

I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania and moved to Virginia to attend college. I have lived in Richmond for the past 12 years and along with my wife, have been a member of Sacred Heart Church for the past several years. We have three children: Jane (5), Bernadette (3), and Nicholas (1). I grew up in a large Catholic family of which I am one of thirteen children. My parents, along with my Catholic education have instilled the strong values that I maintain today. Additionally, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. Ever since my wife Christina and I began to attend Sacred Heart we felt like we were being welcomed by a family. The parishioners are kind and friendly, and its nice to walk in to church on Sunday morning and have everyone smile and say hello, then stop and have a conversation with other families after mass. I also admire the rich cultural diversity that our parish offers.

Through my professional work experience over the course of the past several years I have gained valuable knowledge managing budgets, negotiating contracts, and developing schedules for both the private and government sectors. As a member of the Parish Council I can utilize these skills to provide appropriate guidance and suggest alternative methods for consideration to future undertakings. Additionally, I have always worked well with others, I believe that success in reaching the goals and objectives of our Church depends on mutual respect of one another and the ability to work well with each other.

Photo of Stephanie Robertson
Stephanie Robertson

In my twenty plus years as a parishioner at Sacred Heart, I’ve been privileged to experience the movement of the Holy Spirit in the growth of God’s Church, always changing, always challenging. With patience I’ve marked time as the doors of the Church have opened wide to welcome people of varied cultures. Communion, unity in diversity, this is what attracts me to Sacred Heart…the attempt…perfection is to be aimed at! “Unity in diversity” has become somewhat of a catchphrase. At Sacred Heart I believe there is a true desire by the community to put these words into action. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done when there is unity in diversity…a true communion and liberation! The people of Sacred Heart are beautiful, the challenge is real; God bless us all as we each grow in a faith that inspires us to live well in His love!

My husband and I have raised our family of five children in the light of this church, knowing that God’s love has manifested itself through the many examples of kindness and friendship that have been bestowed upon us by so many unique individuals. As a parish council member, all I can hope is to share what I’ve received through my patience and love of our Lord at Sacred Heart.